Q: How can I set up the Wake on Timer?

For the Fitlet2 to Wake up on Timer, you need to configure the option S5 RTC Wake Settings in the BIOS:

Boot into the BIOS with DEL. Go to Advanced > S5 RTC Wake Settings > Set Wake system from S5 to [Fixed Time].

Q: How can I set the Fitlet2 to shut down on Timer?

There is not this option in the BIOS. You need to set this up in the Operating System.

Windows 10: https://www.isunshare.com/windows-10/4-ways-to-set-auto-shutdown-in-windows-10.html

Q: Is the Remote button working with Linux on Fitlet2?

Yes. The Remote button is working correctly on Linux.

Q: Is the Remote button working with Windows 10 on Fitlet2?

Not for now.

Description: Configuring the Power button action through Control panel Power options menu is ineffective.

Cause: Malfunction of the power management control process.

Status: To be fixed in the next BIOS revisions.