For Internal Usage.

In case the customer has an issue, ask them to do this:

1. Format one USB Stick to FAT32 file system

2. Download the LAN test Package: ...

3. Extract the files from the package and copy them to the prepared USB Stick

4. Connect the USB Stick to the tested fitlet2

5. Power up the fitlet2

6. Press the DEL key during the boot until the BIOS Setup appears

7. Browse to the Save & Exit menu

8. Click on the Launch EFI Shell from filesystem device option

9. The system will boot to the EFI Shell, and after 4 seconds the 

automatic script will start

10. The script will find the Storage Device with LAN test applications

11. Type the following command: eeupdate64e.efi

12. Send me the screenshot of the command's output

Once you have the screenshot, send it to and copy

As the title of this email, write Part Numbers and Ticket ID to be able to follow.

Once CompuLab comes back with the instructions, send them to the customer.