Q: Can Fitlet2 work with more than one storage device?

Fitlet2 has a single SATA interface and supports a single SATA device.

Extra storage devices can be connected through USB / micro-SD.

Q: Do FACET Cards affect the storage I can use with Fitlet2

Standard fitlet2 can take M.2 M-key 2260 / 2242 SATA SSDs.

Some FACETs (like FC-LAN, FC-USB) do not interfere with the SSD.

Some FACETs (like FC-CEL, FC-PCIe) will use the allow installing M.2 M-key 2280 SATA SSDs.

Q: Which SD Card can be used with Fitlet2?

SDXC up to 64GB have been tested successfully on Fitlet2

SDHC should be compatible up to 64GB.