This FAQ is only for Fitlet Ultra Small Form Factor with AMD CPU.

What can indicate my battery is flat?

1 If the Fitlet Bios indicates a wrong date, settings are back to manufacturing.

2 After updating and saving BIOS settings (Easy test is date and hour), they are not remaining same after 30 min unplugged. 

How long can the BIOS battery power the fitlet if unplugged?

Fitlet Ultra Small Form Factor typical consumption during G3 (mechanical off) is 2 uA.

You can calculate the time a battery of 38mAH capacity should hold ~790 days in theory.

How can I measure the voltage of the battery?

1- Open the Fitlet from the back

2- Remove the screw to allow the removing of the PCIe card (WiFI Module or LAN Facet)

3- Remove the battery and the voltage with a Voltmeter on the connector.

To put the battery back, proceed to the same steps in the other order.

What should be the Voltage of the battery?

The standard voltage of the Battery is around 3V. If you get under 1V you might not be able to start the Fitlet.

Is the battery supposed to recharge when flat?

No. Fitlet has no recharge circuit for its battery.

Are the batteries under warranty?

No. You can create a new ticket or talk to your sales representative to buy Batteries The Part Number is ACCENC-FLTBAT.