Latest Bios Versions:

  • Fitlet-T : FLTT.0.08.03

FLTT.0.08.03 2017.06.26

  • Starting S/N: TBD
  • Added PCIe/SATA functionality on the Mini PCIe/mSATA shared slot.
  • Added TPM support in BIOS. Note: TPM chip, which is an optional component must be assembled to have this functionality).

1. Download and save the BIOS File

2. Download and extract Bios Updater package.

    The package contains the following files:


3. Copy the extracted files to the formatted USB Flash Drive.

4. Download the BIOS binary file.

5. Copy the flt.rom file to the root directory on the USB Flash Drive.

Updating BIOS

  1. Connect the prepared USB flash device to the fitlet and boot.
  2. Press the DEL key during boot to enter BIOS menu.
  3. Under Save & Exit tab, select the option “Launch EFI Shell from filesystem device”
  4. When the system enters the UEFI mode, type the command: FLASH FLTT and press Enter.
  5. The BIOS flashing process will start.

    Note: At the start of the process, the system will hang for 1 minute. This is expected behavior. Please, don’t interrupt it.

  6. When the process ends and the prompt line appears, type the command: reset and press Enter.
  7. Press the DEL key during the restart and enter the BIOS menu.
  8. Under Save & Exit tab, select the option “Restore Defaults” and after that “Save Changes and Reset”.