Bios for Security Update 23 November 2017

Intel published a security advisory INTEL-SA-00086 that applies to multiple Intel-based products including Compulab IPC3 and fitlet2.
Other products are not affected by this security issue.TinyGreenPC recommends updating the BIOS of the affected products.
Owners of these products are advised to update BIOS to the corresponding version.

To verify the vulnerability applies, download and run the  INTEL-SA-00086 detection tool

If your system is vulnerable the output of the software will contain

If your system is safe, the output will be:

If your system is vulnerable, please update your BIOS accordingly to your System:

IPC3 BIOS Update with INTEL-SA-00086

Fitlet2 BIOS Update with INTEL-SA-00086

TinyGreenPC will complete the verification for Systems from 27th of November 2017.

Systems despatched previously need to be verified by Customers. 

Bios for Security Update 25 May 2017

Following a reported security issue on Intel Center, CompuLab has been implementing a fix in a new BIOS for the Intel Dual Cores Mobile CPU (IntensePC Ivy Bridge, IPC2 Haswell, and IPC2 Broadwell). We advise all our customers who have those products to update their BIOS in order to prevent unauthorized access to firmware Flash memory. As explained in the report, the PCs are vulnerable to experimented attackers. 

In case an affected model is exposed to this malware running inside the operating system, the malicious software is able to read or write to Flash memory storing BIOS and Intel ME firmware and may corrupt or alter them.


Security update to realize on IPC, IPC2, IPC2B with BIOS  earlier than 20-May-2017.


Where to find the BIOS and list of affected models: