Face Module LED Troubleshooting

    FM-USB3 (coming with standard IPC2):


I/OLED OFFNo Power - Power Supply issue or PC Faulty
LED ON RedPC OFF (Try pressing the Power Button) - 
HDDLED OFFPC is not using the storage
LED Blinking GreenStorage is used
User / SleepLED OrangePC on Sleep mode.

Special Cases:

When you plug directly the Power Supply into the PC, you will get the following:


1 Power detection
O/I Goes Green
HDDGoes Orange
2 Post startingO/IStays Green
HDDTurns Off
IPC2 LogoGoes Green

   FM-POE (4 POE Ports + 2 USB 2.0 Ports):


   FM-OPLN (Fiber Optic):


If you are using another Face Module, follow the SBC Troubleshooting:


SBC Troubleshooting

1 Unscrew and slide off the "Drive back door"

2 Unscrew the 4 back plate screws at the edges and remove it.

3 Unscrew the Face Module and lift it (we recommend using ESD protection)

On SBC: Look at the LED on the bottom of the board:

ON Green

Power ON

No Power (Try pressing the Power Button)

BIOS Troubleshooting

1. IPC2 BIOS reset:

  • Power down the PC and unplug the power cable.
  • Open the service door (by screwing out one bolt) and remove it (with the storage).
  • Reset the BIOS by pressing the low profile push button SW3 for 3 seconds. (within the Red square)
  • Reset the RAM also, by pressing the low profile push button SW4 for three seconds. (within the Blue square)
  • Install back the storage with the service door.
  • Plug the power and power up the PC (either auto-on or pressing power button).

2. Verify RAM memory modules are installed -

  • The system will not boot without memory.

3. Try to answer the following questions:

  • Are you able to power up without storage?
  • IPC2 supports up to 7200 rpm HDD drives.

4. Power supply:

  • Verify the power supply is not damaged and functions properly.
  • If you have another power supply use it to eliminate and determine the failing side.
  • In case you use other power supply make sure it provides uninterrupted power and stable grounding.

Ethernet Troubleshooting

If the device it's not recognized, marked as "Other device".  The network is not working, with error 10 (cannot start).

-> Power Off the PC.

Use the BIOS Troubleshooting procedure.