Face Module LED Troubleshooting

    FM-USB3 (coming with standard IPC2):


I/O LED OFF No Power - Power Supply issue or PC Faulty
LED ON Red PC OFF (Try pressing the Power Button) - 
HDD LED OFF PC is not using the storage
LED Blinking Green Storage is used
User / Sleep LED Orange PC on Sleep mode.

Special Cases:

When you plug directly the Power Supply into the PC, you will get the following:


1 Power detection
O/I  Goes Green
HDD Goes Orange
2 Post starting O/I Stays Green
HDD Turns Off
IPC2 Logo Goes Green

   FM-POE (4 POE Ports + 2 USB 2.0 Ports):


   FM-OPLN (Fiber Optic):


If you are using another Face Module, follow the SBC Troubleshooting:


SBC Troubleshooting

1 Unscrew and slide off the "Drive back door"

2 Unscrew the 4 back plate screws at the edges and remove it.

3 Unscrew the Face Module and lift it (we recommend using ESD protection)

On SBC: Look at the LED on the bottom of the board:

ON Green

Power ON

No Power (Try pressing the Power Button)

BIOS Troubleshooting

1. IPC2 BIOS reset:

  • Power down the PC and unplug the power cable.
  • Open the service door (by screwing out one bolt) and remove it (with the storage).
  • Reset the BIOS by pressing the low profile push button SW3 for 3 seconds. (within the Red square)
  • Reset the RAM also, by pressing the low profile push button SW4 for three seconds. (within the Blue square)
  • Install back the storage with the service door.
  • Plug the power and power up the PC (either auto-on or pressing power button).

2. Verify RAM memory modules are installed -

  • The system will not boot without memory.

3. Try to answer the following questions:

  • Are you able to power up without storage?
  • IPC2 supports up to 7200 rpm HDD drives.

4. Power supply:

  • Verify the power supply is not damaged and functions properly.
  • If you have another power supply use it to eliminate and determine the failing side.
  • In case you use other power supply make sure it provides uninterrupted power and stable grounding.