Is Auto-On supported by NGC-1? No, for this option, please contact us at


What is the minimum voltage the PC shuts down? 9V DC


Do you support larger SSD than 128Gbyte? It can support but the manufacturer is supplying the product with 128GB M.2 mSATA. Opening the PC voids the warranty.

BIOS Access

How can I access the BIOS? Pressing DEL on your keyboard at booting will enable you to access the BIOS.

If the NGC-1 is booting directly to the OS, reset the product with a paperclip, start the Product again and press DEL, you will access the BIOS.

You have bought the NGC-1 without Operating system which means it will not boot into OS once you press the start button.If you press DEL, you will come to the BIOS.If you connect your OS installation media, it will boot from it.