Which Graphic Card has been developed for Airtop?

Airtop has by default it's integrated Graphic Card:

Iris Pro Graphics 6300 
 Intel 5th Gen Xeon 
E3-1285L v4 processor


Intel Pro Graphics 6200
Intel 5th Gen Core
i7-5775C processor

You can then choose between 2 Options:


To get the configuration you need, please contact our Sales team.

Is there an Airtop with only integrated graphics?

Yes! Please contact our Sales team for more information.

Can I install my own graphics card in Airtop?

It is technically possible but makes little sense.

Can I install another GeForce card?

Most GeForce cards are dual-slot at the connector level. The card would require some major warranty-voiding rework to fit into Airtop.
Compulab ships Airtop with the GeForce cards that fit best thermally, mechanically and electrically. If there isn’t more powerful card in Airtop – it’s for a reason.

Can I install GTX 970 / Titan / another higher end graphics card

These cards would not fit in Airtop mechanical thermal and electrical envelope.

Can I install an AMD graphics card?

AMD graphics cards are not mechanically compatible with NVIDIA cards. Airtop has specially designed copper plate for the graphics card compatible with some GeForce and Quadro cards.

If CompuLab decides to offer Airtop with AMD graphics card we will announce so.

How do you put a full-height graphics card in a 100mm wide case?

The graphics card is positioned in parallel to the motherboard using a flexible printed circuit.

The circuit is flexible to allow the graphics card to move together with the hinged lid when opening the case.

GPU flex socket