Q. Is TPM available on Airtop?

Yes, TPM is present on all versions of the Airtop. It is configurable trough your Operating System. The chip used for this feature is TPM 1.2 with Atmel AT97SC3204.

Q. What is the power consumption of Airtop?

It can be 10W when Airtop is at idle and reach 200W or even more when incorporating a graphics card and is fully loaded. Please refer to specifications.

Q. Which power supplies can power the Airtop?

Airtop bundle comes with external AC/DC wall power supply, providing unregulated 19Vdc @ 13.15A max input. However, any power supply able to supply ~250W from 19Vdc source will be fine.

Q. What are power capabilities of Airtop USB ports?

Each VBUS pair supplied via onboard power switch with current limit settings of 2.5A, meaning either each VBUS capable sourcing up to 1.25A in case two bus powered devices connected, or sourcing 2.5A in case single bus powered device connected.

USB ports power behavior

Intense PC USB port power behavior:

  1. FACE Module ports (FM-4USB) – USB power always on (S0, S3, S4, S5).
  2. Motherboard back panel ports – USB power on in S0, S3 but off in S4, S5.

S0 – active
S3 – sleep
S4 – hibernate
S5 – shutdown

Q. The HDD controller support raid or is only possible to use software raid? 

No, it does not support RAID as no RAID controller is present. Yes, you can create your Software RAID.

Q. Digital Display Interfaces

Airtop features 3 digital display interfaces, 2x HDMI and 1x DisplayPort, capable driving 3 independent displays up to 4K resolution. Refer to System Agent (SA) Configuration in Airtop BIOS Guide to setup Airtop display operation


  • During boot stage 2 of 3 displays are active and can be set in BIOS. Default outputs are HDMI1 and HDMI2. When OS has been loaded the third display becomes operational as well.

Q. Airtop serial ports

Airtop features three RS232 serial ports, one full signal set, and two other 2-wire Tx/Rx signals only.

Airtop serial ports.png

Operating notes:

  1. The operating system can be a factor. We recommend testing the ports under Linux Mint 18 or Windows 7
  2. The operation can be dependent on devices connected, as the ports are not identical
  3. Port #1 operated by Embedded Controller which is part of Intel architecture and fully under Intel control. It might not support specific devices.
  4. Usually, the 2-wire serial interface uses very basic, relatively slow and not too immune communication but it is very simple to use. Not all devices can communicate via 2-wire serial interface.
  5. The most reliable RS232 serial communication is the one uses full signal set or at least 4-wire, data (Tx/Rx) and flow control signals (CTS/RTS).

Is it possible to attach a PCIe SSD and boot from it?

Please refer to Q&A section on airtop-pc.com Is it possible to attach a PCIe SSD and boot from it?

Is the WiFi module removable?

Please refer to Q&A section on airtop-pc.com Is the WiFi module removable?