With early Fitlet units there have been verified reports of high mSATA temperature. The reason was found to be heat dissipated by the mSATA module itself that was not removed effectively.

A new heat-plate has been designed that conducts heat from the mSATA to the aluminium chassis. It has been found to reduce mSATA temperature by about 20°C.

The mSATA heat-plate is included with any Fitlet shipped from now. If you have purchased a Fitlet from us in the past, follow the steps described below to add your Heat Plate.


Remove the back of the Fitlet by unscrewing the 4 screws. Unscrew the plate of WiFi Module (1) and retire it to have it on the right side (2).




Unscrew the screw of the mSATA (3).



Place the mSATA heat plate on the top of the mSATA drive (4).



 Replace the WiFi Module (5) and screw it back in (6).

Close the Fitlet by screwing the back with the 4 screws (7).