Bios for Security Update 21 May 2017: Explanation Article

Latest Bios Versions:

  • IPC2 Broadwell IPC2_3.724.5 X64

1. Download and save the attached archive:

2. Extract the image file from the archive.

3. Prepare bootable USB image:

    Windows User: 

         Use Win32DiskImager utility for Windows: Win32DiskImager

    Linux User: 

        Run this command to figure out what device name was assigned to the USB drive: $ ls -all /dev/disk/by-id/

        Assuming the USB drive was detected as /dev/sdx write the image on it by typing: $ sudo dd if=filename.img of=/dev/sdx bs=1MB

4. Boot IPC2 from the USB Flash.

5. When boots up into FreeDOS command line run: BIOS_UPD.bat and wait for its completion without errors.

6. The system will boot again into FreeDOS command line run: ME_LOCK.bat and wait for its completion without errors.

7. Wait until the message "Please disconnect this system from power for 15 sec for completion" appears.

8. Power cycle the computer.

Update to BIOS core version IPC2_3.724.5 X64