Ethernet Ports

uSVR has 2x Ethernet Ports at the back:

1x GbE PHY 82579 controller (RJ-45)

1x GbE PHY 82574L controller (RJ-45)

and 4x Ethernet Ports at the front:

4x GbE PHY 82574L controller (RJ-45)

WiFi Communication

802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, 150 Mbit/s, 2 antennas
Bluetooth® 3.0


According to Intel specifications, uSVR chipset should be able to support SATA-3 on ports #0 and #1.Originally, these SATA-3 ports on uSVR have been tested with mechanical drives only, as there were no SATA-3 SSDs in 2012 when uSVR has been developed and introduced. Testing shows that newer drives and SSD drives in particular, have more strict requirements for the SATA interface which the uSVR hardware cannot fully support.