The Trim-Slice OS installer image enables a simple automated OS installation and update procedure. The Ubuntu LXDE based installer is intended to be used as a standard tool for Trim-Slice OS installation.

Installation source media

The Trim-Slice default installation source device is the front SD socket. Any commercially available SD card of 4GB (or larger) may be used for the installation.

Installation target media

The installer utility supports OS installation onto two types of Trim-Slice storage devices:

  • Internal SATA storage.
  • Micro-SD card of at least 4GB capacity inserted into the Trim-Slice micro-SD socket.

Pre-installation setup requirements

Admolition note.png The installer utility is supported only with Trim-Slice U-Boot v1.01 or above. It is recommended to perform Firmware Update to ensure that your Trim-Slice is running the latest U-Boot.
  • Trim-Slice with an up-to-date U-Boot boot-loader.
  • Display connected to the HDMI primary display output.
  • USB keyboard and mouse.
  • Power supply.
  • SD card with at least 4GB capacity.


Prepare Installer

  • Download the latest Trim-Slice OS installer image to your host PC.
  • Ensure the integrity of the file with md5sum utility. For example:
>> md5sum  installer-ubuntu-natty-3.1.10_l4t.r15.01.img.zip
output: d4658124b35177257b4654c3294f65cb
  • Unzip the archive to get the dd image of installer (.img file)
  • Create a bootable SD card using dd image of installer from the package. Please refer to Installation From Img Files for instructions.

Launch Installer

  • Plug the bootable SD card into the front SD socket and power the Trim-Slice.
  • The Trim-Slice will automatically boot into the installer Ubuntu desktop.
  • Double click on the Trimslice Installer icon to begin installation and follow the Installation Wizard instructions.

Installation Wizard

Select Installation Mode

This dialog offers the installation mode selection:

  • Installation - default installation mode
  • Maintenance - skips OS Image copying during the installation

Installer Mode Selection

Admolition note.png Use Maintenance mode for resetting the root password.

Select Target Media

This dialog offers the target media selection:

  • Internal SATA - recommended for Trim-Slice Pro
  • Micro-SD - recommended for Trim-Slice Value/Bare-bone

Target Media Selection

Trim-Slice Ubuntu Customization

Set Root Password

This dialog offers to set Ubuntu root password.

Set Root Password

Admolition note.png If you cancel this dialog the default root password "111111" will be set.
Add User

This screen offers to add a default user. After the installation this user will have no password login to the GUI.

Add User

Set User Password

This dialog offers to set the default user password.

Set User Password

Copying OS Image

This progress dialog will be shown during the OS Image "partclone" extraction to the target media.

Copying OS Image

Admolition note.png This dialog will not appear in Maintenance mode.

Installation Complete

This dialog will be shown at the end of the installation.

Installation Complete


  • After the installation is complete, shut down the Trim-Slice and remove the installation SD card.
  • Restart the Trim-Slice.
Admolition note.png If the installation SD card is not removed, the Trim-Slice will automatically boot into the installer.